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#1 2017-09-26 06:58:47

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I need help with mouse problems


I do not know if this is an agrarian skies problem or just a minecraft problem but I will explain my story anyway. I was logging on to record another episode of my agrarian skies series the only thing is every time I would move my mouse it would shoot to the bottom of the screen. I play on a laptop so I have the track pad, so I decided it might be a mouse problem... It was not the problem continued. So maybe it was a computer problem so I logged into a regular vanilla minecraft world and it worked fine apart from the mouse moving automatically. This has never happened to me and it happened overnight so I am very confused and if anyone can lead me to a link or knows how to fix it please leave a comment on this post it will be greatly appreciated and I will love you forever.

Thank You!!!!

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.
https://minecraft.curseforge.com/forums … e-problems
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2017-09-26 06:58:47



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