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#1 2018-05-05 10:47:21

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Hiring a Forge Mod Developer


This is my first post on forge and I don't post often on many forums. I read the rules and whatnot for this forum and I think I'm in the right place

Anyways cutting to the chase, I'm looking for someone with experience in java and forge modding who can possibly help me out, I saw a post from about a year ago, and that user didn't explain much, so I will try and be as descriptive as I can.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I need a mod like the tails mod by kihira i did some digging around in the resources folder and discovered the mod uses images to apply textures to, correct me if I'm wrong, shapes/objects that are coded in the mod?

But anyways before you refer me over to the "Issues" section on that github, hear me out. Rather than merely using images to texture the ears/tails objects in the game, I would like to know if it's possible to create something in which I can import my own models into, custom ear models, tail models, wing models, etc. Based on the tails mod, but not using their pre-defined models.

So if any of you out there are reading this and are feeling up to a challenge, please message me or reply here. Also I will pay for your time if you're confident you can accomplish this.

For More Details:
Explainer Video Production Company



2018-05-05 10:47:21



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