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#1 2017-09-11 13:50:13

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Minecraft Creator Notch Makes Minicraft in 48 Hours

Minicraft is a pretty simple game. You start off randomly spawning into the world with the single goal of killing the Air Wizard, the only other sentient being in the world of Minicraft--forever alone. Along the way, you're free to explore the 2D-sandbox world: You can cut down trees, pull a work bench out of your inventory and throw it down like a boss, make a wood shovel and sword, break rocks, make a stone pickaxe and sword, find coal, make a lantern, explore a dungeon, kill zombies and slimes...

Crap, I’ve been hooked again.

You can play Notch’s newest game online, download it, or grab the source code over at the Ludum Dare site. Don’t forget about the 890 other entries all waiting to be played and rated over the next 20 days.

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2017-09-11 13:50:13

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